MangaGamer Announces Latest Licenses

At this weekend’s Otakon, English Visual Novel localization company had a slate of new plans to announces, with more otome game plans, more Supipara, more Rance, and, well… more!


Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome – preorders now open 

 Our very first 18+ otome game, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is now available for pre-order! Out September 8th on both and Steam! 


Supipara Chapter 2


We’ve reached our funding goal for chapter 2!

It’s another round of Supipara, but something is different. Our story begins anew on Yukinari’s first day in Kamakura… except that he magically has a new family member?! What other changes could this altered history bring about? 


The Spirit Master of Retarnia


A classic 3D Dungeon RPG brought to you by Lunasoft! Explore 3D dungeons with five heroines and make use of their special abilities to fight your way to each dungeon’s farthest depths and defeat its boss! 

Room No. 9


From the developers of No, Thank You—Best friends Daichi and Seiji set out on an almost too-good-to-be-true summer vacation, but it quickly turns into a nightmare… Can they make it out alive? And will they still be themselves when it’s over? 


A Kiss for the Petals: Maidens of Michael

Yurin Yurin

Picking up from the famous, original A Kiss for the Petals titlesMaidens of Michael reintroduces the five couples fans have grown to know and love while expanding on their story, sharing many new months worth of development and a new budding couple is introduced as well. 


Sengoku Rance


In the far east nation of Nippon, a plethora of feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in the 4th Sengoku Era. After doing immeasurable damage on the Continent, the brute known as Rance traveled with his slave, Sill, to the island country. When Rance becomes the ruler of one of the feudal states, he charges head first toward uniting Nippon! 


Rance Quest MAGNUM


Rance is back from Nippon and planning to take it easy for a while, but he’s barely into his vacation when he’s struck with a debilitating curse! Unable to have sex with any woman under level 35, Rance sets off on another grand (though not always grave) adventure across the Continent: to find and fuck all the girls over level 35 he can get his hands on. 



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