Manga Artist Misses Deadline, Blames Too Much Nintendo Switch


According to a humorous Tweet by Weekly Famitsu editor-in-chief Katsuhiko Hayashi, the release of manga author Choborau Nyopomi’s newest creation – a manga entitled Piko Piko Game Onsen, which was due to debut in the 1500th issue of Weekly Famitsu on August 31, 2017 – may have hit an unexpected and Nintendo Switch-shaped snag.



Translation: Choborau Nyopomi-sensei’s new work was supposed to begin in the 1500th issue of Famitsu (published on 8/31!), but for some reason the manuscript for the 1st chapter is missing, heh heh. Since I’m in charge of editing her work, I will reveal to the public her frank apology image. S-sensei…




Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

My new series, Piko Piko Game Onsen,

Was supposed to begin on August 31,

But due to unavoidable circumstances,

I was not able to complete the manuscript by the deadline.

As a result, I am unable to piggy-back on the prestige

Of the wonderful commemorative 1500th issue of Famitsu,

And for that I am truly, unendingly apologetic.

Because I’m so overcome with remorse,

Please don’t try to contact me for a while.

Well then, if you will excuse me.

Choborau Nyopomi




Something tells me that this announcement and the accompanying public “apology” from the author of Ai-Mai-Mi aren’t entirely serious.


Source: Hachima Kikō


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