Mamoru Hosoda’s “Mirai of the Future” 2nd Trailer Introduces Character Voices, Theme Song by Tatsuro Yamashita

The official website for Mamoru Hosoda’s upcoming new original anime feature Mirai no Mirai (Mirai of The Future)/MIRAI released a 90-second second trailer introducing its theme song “Mirai no Theme” by 65-year-old singer-songwriter Tatsuro Yamashita and its main character voices including the protagonist Kun-chan by 18-year-old actress Moka Kamishiraishi.


Moka is the Grand Prix winner of the 7th Toho Cinderella Audition in 2011 and a younger sister of Mone Kamishiraishi, who voiced the main heroine Mitsuha Miyamizu in Makoto Shinkai’s mega hit anime film in 2016, Kimi no Na wa./Your Name. The four-year-old boy Kun-chan is Moka’s first anime character role.


Meanwhile, Kun-chan’s younger sister Mirai-chan, who comes from the future, is played by 28-year-old actress Haru Kuroki, who previously worked with Hosoda in his 2012 film Okami Kodomo no Ame

to Yuki/Wolf Children as Yuki and his 2015 film Bakemono no Ko/The Boy and The Beast as Ichirouhiko.


The film is set to be released in Japan on July 20, distributed by Toho.


90-second second trailer


30-second second teaser


Main Voice Cast:


  • Kun-chan: Moka Kamishiraishi
  • Mirai-chan: Haru Kuroki
  • Father: Gen Hoshino
  • Mother: Kumiko Asou
  • A mystery man: Mitsuo Yoshihara
  • Baaba (Grandma): Yoshiko Miyazaki
  • Jiiji (Grandpa): Kouji Yakusho





The first trailer with English subtitles


Poster visual



Source: “Mirai no Mirai” official website, Twitter


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