Make Your Models Their Rubesty with Aqours Nippers


If you’re looking for a new way to show the world which Aqours girl is best girl, God Hand has you covered. Their new limited-edition line of Love Live! Sunshine!! nippers is accurate, heavy-duty, and adorable.



Similar to the Blade One Nipper released by God Hand, these are slightly less sharp than their Ultimate set — making them appropriate for beginner model-makers. Each different version features its respective idol’s name and a representative logo lasered onto the side, with grips in the girl’s image color.



The nippers are 4,500 yen each, and being sold exclusively at God Hand’s booth at this summer’s Wonder Festival. There’s no word yet on whether leftover stock will be sold online — though, with the popularity of Love Live!, there might not be any leftover stock to sell!


Source: Yaraon!, God Hand




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