Make Up — Literally — with New “Sailor Moon” Eyeshadow Brooch

Premium Bandai is offering a much more literal take on Sailor Moon’s transformation — with a brooch that literally holds makeup. In this case, the new sparkly Sailor Moon henshin brooch holds four equally sparkly shades of eyeshadow.



Released by Creer Beaute (the makers of the Rose of Versailles face mask and Dragon Ball Z hair wax), the compact includes a small applicator and beige, brown, red, and pink shades. The shadows contain soft focus powder for a light-diffusion effect that hides pores, as well as four different fruit extracts and synthetic mica to counteract dullness. The red powder can also be used as a blush.



Premium Bandai is currently taking preorders for the compact, which will cost you 4,212 yen (about $36.89) on their website. Supplies are limited, and preorders will close once all compacts have been sold (limit 5 per person). They’re expected to ship out this March.


Source: Netorabo




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