Make Lunch More Interesting With These “Totoro” Handkerchiefs

Do you regularly make your own bento boxes or box lunches for school or work? Do you need some kind of new covering for said lunch, like maybe a handkerchief? You might consider this new set of Studio Ghibli-themed sets, including imagery of Totoro, the Catbus, Mei, and soot sprites.


These bags, “tenugui,” are great for wrapping things like snacks and lunches, and in fact Totoro and the Catbus’ handkerchiefs come with vegetable chips and the rest of the designs come with mixed nuts.


You’ll be able to pick up the handkerchief and snack sets at Donguri Kyowakoku in June, or you can order them online via the special shop. Either way, they’re too cute to sleep on!



[via RocketNews24]


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