Main Cast for “Terror in Resonance” Stage Play Adaptation Announced

It is confirmed that a stage play adaptation of the 2014 TV anime Terror in Resonance is in the works for March 2016. The terrorism-themed original anime was produced by MAPPA and aired for 11 episodes from July to September 2014. It was selected as one of the Jury Selections in the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival held by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs  


The stage play is directed by 39-year-old film director Shutaro Oku, who is currently working on Ghost in The Shell ARISE: GHOST is ALIVE to premiere in the coming November. Jun Kumagai, who previously joined the TV anime, provides the script. It is scheduled to be performed at Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi in Tokyo from March 2 to 6, 2016. 



CM announcing the main cast



Main cast:

 Nine: Ryunosuke Matsumura (Yukimura Sanada in Sengoku Basara)



Twelve: Mashu Ishiwatari (Takehi Momoshiro in The Prince of Tennis Musical)



Kenjiro Shibazaki: Eiji Takikawa (Juichi Fukutomi in Yowamushi Pedal)



Five: Megumi Han (reprises her anime character)



Lisa Mishima: Misaki Momose (Ema Tsuda in Ghost in The Shell ARISE: GHOST is ALIVE)



Hamura: Katsuhiko Ibuka (Paz in Ghost in The Shell ARISE: GHOST is ALIVE)



Kurahashi: Naoya Goumoto (Shingo Kinjo in Yowamushi Pedal)



Mukasa: Mitsuaki Kanuka (reprises his anime character)



Clarence: Chad Mullane (comedian)



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