“Maho Girls PreCure!” Confirmed as 13th PreCure TV Series

Toei Animation opens a teaser site for the upcoming 13th PreCure TV series Mahou Tsukai PreCure!/Maho Girls PreCure! today on November 27. If it keeps the same routine of the anime franchise, the 13th series is expected to premiere on the first Sunday of February 2016, February 7, after the ongoing Go! Princess PreCure. Toei Animation filed the first trademark with the Japan Patent Office on October 6, then later added a new one with its official English title on November 4.


While no other details have been revealed on the site except its title logo, the tagline is written as: “Magical Word: The two worlds are connected now with ‘Cu-Up Rapapa!'” It may be a transformation command of the new girls?


In addition, the yet-titled 8th All Stars film (20th in the whole anime franchise) is already set for a release in March 2016, which was announced in the end of the currently-showing Go! Princess PreCure the

Movie Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature!!!. The new girls of the Mahou Tsukai PreCure! team are also

expected to join the film.



Screenshot of the teaser site


Source: Toei Animation


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