“Maho Girls PreCure!” 3-Minute PV Introduces New OP Song, Cure Felice

In advance of her highly anticipated appearance this Sunday, Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel today posted a three-minute new PV for the ongoing 13th PreCure TV series Mahou Tsukai PreCure!/Maho Girls PreCure!, introducing its new version OP song “Dokkin Mahou Tsukai PreCure! Part 2” sung by the same Rie Kitagawa and the new PreCure girl Cure Felice voiced by Saori Hayami.


(Spoiler warning: the video includes scenes from the next 22nd episode to be aired on July 3)



As reported a month ago, it was already officially announced that the baby fairy Ha-chan will grow up to

a human girl named Kotoha Hanami, who can transform into Cure Felice, in the coming episodes of Maho

Girls PreCure! The new PreCure girl and her weapon “Flower Echo Wand” have been featured heavily in

various CMs aired during the broadcast of the recent episodes. 



“Flower Echo Wand” DX set (6,890 yen/July 9 release)


300-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the three PreCure girls (2,376 yen/July 31 release)



Source: Toei Animation’s “Maho Girls PreCure” official website


(C) ABC/Toei Animation