Magic and Comedy Meet in “Manzai Senka” Light Novel CM

The street date for KyoAni’s new light novel, Manzai Senka, is fast approaching. Now, KyoAni is giving us a peek at their upcoming title with a 15 second spot on YouTube.



Written by Aji Miyaku and illustrated by namo, Manzai Senka blends magic, comedy, and high school romance. Hotaka, the son of a washed-up manzai comedian, is met by the magic-wand-wielding Ikoi. She invites him to become a manzai duo with her — but after his father’s failures, he can’t imagine doing so. Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), the two end up together in the same class in high school.



The book goes on sale November 25 from the KyoAni website at a price of 648 yen plus tax.


Source: KyoaniChannel




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