“Madoka Magica” Crosses Over with Lawson for Sleepover-Themed Candy Campaign

Even zombified magical girls subject to the whims of alien species enjoy a sleepover once in a while — and Lawson Limited’s end-of-year tie-up campaign sees it crossing over with Madoka Magica to bring new art, and a few sweet treats, to magical girl fans.



Starting December 27, Lawson will be making the following items available:


Character Tatami Rubber Straps (600 yen each):

Clear Files (1,000 yen for a set of all three):

Lawson will also be selling the following candy/merchandise combo packs starting in January 2017:


Bromide Gum Packs (278 yen for L size, 463 yen for 2L size):

Poster Gum — one mini-poster packaged with fruit-flavored gum (278 yen each):

All items will remain on sale until supplies run out.


Source: Animate Times




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