“Macross Frontier” Sheryl Nome Revealed Her New MV on Street Visions in Tokyo

As reported, Sheryl Nome, one of the two main heroines in the Macross Frontier anime series returned with her new music video “Gorgeous” on several street vision in Tokyo, including the ALTA Vision in Shinjuku and the UDX Vision in Akihabara, Sunday at 14:30. The two-minute clip featuring the Galactic Fairy in a belly dancer costume was screened only once and is not legitimately available online for now. According to the credit in the video, the new song is composed/arranged by Yoko Kanno, who has worked for the Macross franchise since Macross Plus in 1994.


The clip was shown as the first project for the Macross franchise’s 35th anniversary, and more projects are expected to be revealed soon.



An ad truck decorated with her new visual below will run around the streets of Tokyo till March 19.


Because the name of Sankyo was included in the credit, some fans are expecting that her new song

will be used in the company’s upcoming pachislot machine “Macross Frontier 3” to be released in May 2017.


“Pachislot Macross Frontier 3” PV



Source: “Macross” franchise official Twitter, Mantan web


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