Lupin III Announces Intent to Steal “The Treasure of CoCo Ichi”

Patrons of Japanese curry chain CoCo Ichibanya were surprised when they saw a familiar-looking calling card in the window of the Tsurukawa branch:



“I am coming to steal the treasure of CoCo Ichi. ~Lupin III”

Fans of the Lupin III franchise know that the gentleman thief, grandson of Arséne Lupin, always announces his intent to steal something with a calling card in advance. Apparently other identical cards have been spotted in the windows of other CoCo Ichibanya locations around Japan.


So what is the mysterious Treasure of CoCo Ichi, and why does Lupin want it? No one’s sure, but we do know that he will probably be coming to steal it on April 1, according to this special landing page:



From what we’ve seen, it looks like this could be one of two things. More than likely, the chain and the franchise are planning a collaboration event, much like previous ones between restaurants and anime series. This could mean special merchandise, featured menu items, and new art.


Or maybe there really is a “Treasure of CoCo Ichi” and things are about to get very interesting.


Either way, we’ll be finding out next month.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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