Lovesick Otaku Penguin Grape-kun Inspires Talk Event at the Tobu Zoo

Kemono Friends Takes Over Zoos

This penguin found TRUE LOVE thanks to anime ❤️

Posted by Crunchyroll on Friday, April 28, 2017


When breakout hit TV anime Kemono Friends and the Tobu Zoo amusement park in Saitama began their collaboration, no one expected Grape-kun, a 20 year old Humboldt penguin, to fall in love with the standee of Humboldt penguin Friend Hululu. Now the pair’s unlikely romance has inspired a new talk event entitled “Yamada-oniichan’s Penguin Talk”, in which the zoo’s special field guides will recount the charms (and mating habits) of their penguin flock.



“Yamada-oniichan’s Penguin Talk” will be held on May 20 and June 17, 2017. The event will focus not only on the ecology of Humboldt penguins in general, but on how Grape-kun in particular became an Internet sensation. Voice actress Ikuko Chikuta, who plays Hululu in Kemono Friends, will also appear as a guest in the May 20th talk.


For more information about the Tobu Zoo, please check out their English language home page here.




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