Living the Logan Legacy: Ray Fawkes & Daken

Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #5 preview inks by Elia Bonetti

Having Wolverine as your father could never be easy, but Daken will soon learn how much harder the world becomes without Logan.

Each of the characters in DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY limited series has a unique connection to Wolverine, but few prove as exceptional as the dysfunctional dynamic that Logan and Daken endured. With November’s issue #5, writer Ray Fawkes captures the chaos of feelings that the son of Wolverine harbors in the wake of his demise, on the heels of Daken’s own return to life, no less! When readers last saw Daken, he was leaving the chaos after the Apocalypse Twins’ defeat in UNCANNY AVENGERS. As we find him in this story, is he still coming to terms to with his own unexpected resurrection?

Ray Fawkes: Yes, absolutely. And the experience has left him very shaken up, as readers will see; he’s quite transformed. Daken was always conflicted about his father, Logan. Is he conflicted about how to feel in the wake of Wolverine’s demise?

Ray Fawkes: Almost mind-shatteringly so. After returning from death himself, finding out that his hated—and…loved?—father has died puts an incredible strain on Daken. He needs to find some kind of release from the collision of emotions—something that may surprise everyone. What is the key to your approach in writing a character like Daken?

Ray Fawkes: As with every character, I felt like I needed to figure out what it is that Daken represents—to himself, and to others—and work with that. He’s a complicated, exciting—to me, anyhow; I love a puzzle—character, and one who has every reason to be dishonest about his true feelings, all across the board. I sat down and worked out a very formalized way to tell his tale, in part because of that dishonesty. People think he’s chaotic, uncontrollable, and completely without discipline—really, all the worst aspects of Wolverine in another body. Once I had a handle on what Daken is and how I wanted to tell the story, the rest was just the normal hard work. How exciting is it for you to get to dabble in the Marvel Universe with this story?

Ray Fawkes: Great fun! Very exciting. The Marvel Universe is relatively new to me, professionally speaking, and I love jumping into a new setting with new rules all its own. Plus, to be handed such a juicy, potentially complex character; it was a real pleasure. While Logan is no longer alive when this story hits shelves, am I right in thinking his presence permeates aspects of the story?

Ray Fawkes: Daken will never be able to escape the ghost of Logan. Every decision he makes in this issue is informed by his father’s legacy. Can you talk about what you enjoy most in terms of Elia Bonetti’s artistic approach toward Daken?

Ray Fawkes: Yes! I actually threw down a gauntlet for Elia, asking him to tell the story with two very distinct styles, and not only did he meet the challenge, he wildly exceeded my expectations. I think people are going to lose their minds a little bit when they see what he did all through the book. I know I did. Without spoiling anything, is it safe to assume folks will be eager to see where the future takes Daken after they finish reading your story?

Ray Fawkes: They better be! I am! This is going to send Daken on a wickedly messy journey—wickedly messy. What could be more fun?

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