Listen to “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Blu-ray 2nd Season 5th Volume Bonus Songs by Ruby & Dia

Following the previous four volumes, Lantis has posted a four-minute preview for “RED GEM WINK” performed by Ruby Kurosawa (CV: Ai Furihata) and “WHITE FIRST LOVE” by her older sister Dia (Arisa Komiya), two newly-recorded bonus songs to be included in the special limited edition set of the upcoming fifth Blu-ray volume of the TV anime Love Live! Sunshine!! second season. The anime’s official Twitter has also posted double A-side slipcase illustrations for the volume featuring the two girls newly drawn by the character designer Yuhei Murota. 


In addition to the second season’s eighth and ninth episodes, the 7,560-yen (about 68 US dollars) set also includes an 8-page booklet, a You-featured picture book “School Idol Diary” written by the original story writer Sakurako Kimino, a UR member sticker of smartphoe app “Love Live! School Idol Festival,” and an advance entry coupon for the first day (July 7) of Aqours’ concert in Fukuoka. The Blu-ray is set to be released on April 24.


Preview for “RED GEM WINK” by Ruby and “WHITE FIRST LOVE” by Dia


Slipcase illustrations



Picture book “Shool idol diary: Tobikomi Jozu no You-chan (You-chan, who is good at diving)” cover 



1st volume’s bonus song “One More Sunshine Story” by Chika Takami (CV: Anju Inami) 


2nd volume’s bonus song “Oyasuminasan!” by Hanamaru Kunikida (CV: Kanako Takatsuki)


3rd volume’s bonus songs “in this unstable world / Pianoforte Monologue” by Yoshiko Tsushima

(CV: Aika Kobayashi)  and Riko Sakurauchi (Rikako Aida) 


4th volume’s bonus song “Beginner’s Sailing” by You Watanabe (CV: Shuka Saito)



Source: “Love Live! Sunshine!!” official website, Twitter


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