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Tourist Captures Video of an Invisible UFO Over Mexico?

A man who was vacationing in Tulum, Mexico believes he may have captured footage of an invisible UFO. The sighting took place in May of 2015. The man claims his wife, who was lying on the beach near the Tulum castle ruins, saw two “weird mysterious flashes” in the daytime skies. 

The man then grabbed his camera and began recording the sky. He filmed for a long time, yet he captured nothing out of the ordinary, or so he thought. When he watched the footage back, he was surprised to see that he’d captured a strange, seemingly invisible, object zipping through the air.

While there’s definitely something there, It’s hard to tell what exactly it is. It could have been a real alien aircraft, it could have been some kind of weather phenomenon, or the footage could have been faked. I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Does the footage show something of otherworldly origin? Or is there a more conventional explanation?


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