Letter 44 creator Charles Soule on the comicsalternative…

Letter 44 creator Charles Soule on the comicsalternative podcast! http://bit.ly/1IvWphF

“On this episode of the interview show, Derek talks with Charles Soule about his most recent creator-own works, specifically Strange Attractors (Archaia) and the currently ongoing Letter 44 (Oni Press). They spend most of their time discussing the latter and the various narrative threads and subplots interwoven within the series.
In their conversation, Charles tells Derek about the extent of his
research for the title, his love of NASA history, the intrigue of
writing political drama, and the ways in which his background in law helped give birth to series’ premise.  They also discuss the contemporary rootedness of Letter 44 and
the extent to which recent presidential history plays out in its
storyline, albeit ramped up and taken to speculative extremes. Much of
the conversation is also devoted to Strange Attractors, a book similar to Letter 44
with a high concept and a keen scientific bent. Charles explains how
his interest in complexity theory and his love of New York City combine
to create an unlikely sci-fi drama. But even though Derek is mostly
interested in his non-mainstream work, he nonetheless asks Charles about
his efforts in the DC and Marvel Universes — e.g., his experiences
writing Swamp Thing, Death of Wolverine, Superman/Wonder Woman, and She-Hulk
— how he balances the superhero narratives with his creator-owned work,
and the ways he negotiates both franchise limitations and fanboy
expectations. All in all, it’s a fun interview, with listeners being
able to hear about creative facets of Charles Soule that
rarely surface in other interviews.“