Legendary Yoshiaki Kawajiri Turns 65 – Storyboards Two Episodes of “One-Punch Man”

On the eve of North America’s anime boom, when fans knew about it from Sci-Fi channel broadcasts and Blockbuster, Yoshiaki Kawajiri loomed large on the landscape as the mastermind of classic, violent anime like Ninja Scroll, Wicked City and Demon City Shinjuku. On November 18th, the Madhouse veteran who helped shaped international perceptions of anime in the 90s turned 65 years old.


Still involved at Madhouse, Kawajiri has followed last season’s work on Overlord, and he’s back storyboarding episodes 8 and 9 of  One-Punch Man


Tomohiro Suzuki (Tiger & Bunny) writes episode 8, “The Deep Sea King,” with Nobuhiro Mutō (Akame Ga Kill!, Jormungand) directing, Minami Yoshida (Blade, Love Live!) as animation director and Gosei Oda (Space Dandy) as action animation director)



Kawajiri celebrating last year with Osamu Kobayashi (Beck, Paraside Kiss):


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