Lawson to Launch Collaboration Campaign with “High Speed!” Film

Lawson, one of the largest convenience store chains in Japan, will launch a new collaboration campaign with Kyoto Animation’s upcoming High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- film at its stores across Japan next Tuesday, December 1. Lawson’s official website has posted a main visual featuring the four main boys wearing white and blue-colored shirts or ties. White and blue are the chain’s corporate colors.


In this campaign, purchasers of two selected sweets of Meiji Seika will get one of the four posters of the main characters: Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, Asahi Shiina and Ikuya Kirishima. And by following the Lawson’s official Twitter account (@akiko_lawson) and retweeting the specified post, lucky one person will win the main visual poster with the four voice actors’ autographs. In addition, various original merchandise including file cases, stickers, clear files, clear file holders, and mini tapestries will be offered till the stock last.


High Speed! -Free! Starting Days- hits Japanese theaters on December 5.



Campaign Main Visual



Character Posters



Movie Main Visual




Movie trailer


Source: Lawson


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