Latest “My Hero Academia” Class 1-B Anime Character Designs Published

This spring, the My Hero Academia anime returns for an adaptation of the manga’s Sports Festival arc in a new home, specifically on NTV/YTV Saturday evenings at 5:30. Continuing the introduction of new cast members, with the official release of this week’s Jump two more members of the neighboring Class 1-B have been introduced.  


 Ibara Shiozaki  – Miho Masaka



Neito Monoma – Kouhei Amasaki



 Itsuka Kendou – voiced by Saki Ogasawara 

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu – voiced by Kouji Okino

Mei Hatsume – voiced by Azu Sakura

Elsewhere, a second novelization of the manga hits Japan February 3rd

And the latest parody spin-off

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