“Konosuba” Anime Season 2 Preview Accompanied by Cast Additions

When last we saw Kazuma’s party of intrepid adventurers, they were being arrested for some of the collateral damaged from their latest endeavors. With a second season of Konsuba anime coming this January, a new preview picks back up on the anime and showcases some of the new cast additions.


The series debuts January 11th, late night at 25:05 (1:05am on the 12th).





Sena (Hitomi Nabatame), a pecial prosecutor from Capital 

Vanir (CV Masakazu Nishida) – Wiz’s college and star of the Kono Kamen no Akuma ni Sodan wo! (Consulting with this Masked Devil!?) spin-off 

Wiz (CV Yui Horie) – Arch Wizard magic item shop owner. a pacifist with little business sense. Where true identity is… 


YunYuna (CV Aki Toyosaki) Megumin’s classmate and friend/rival – previously turned up in the OVA


Chris (CV Ayaka Suwa) Thief friend of Darkness who taught Kazuma the Steal skill

Kyōya Mitsurugi (CV Takuya Eguchi). a handsome adventurer with a strong sense of justice and the magic sword Gram

And our leads…

Kazuma Satō (CVJun Fukushima)

Aqua (CV Sora Amamiya )

Megumin(CV Rie Takahashi)

Darkness (CV Ai Kayano)


From the new Newtype


Cover of the new Dragon Age







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