“Kiznaiver” Creators Celebrate Finale With Secrets And Tributes

Following yesterday’s Space Patrol Luluco finale, today it was time for Trigger to wrap up Kiznaiver and, with it, the studio’s double busy season. The broadcast of episode 12, “If The Kizna System Spread Throughout The World,” put Trigger in a celebratory mood. Sushio, the series’ animation director, known for his work on Kill La Killgot the ball rolling by posting some behind-the-scenes secrets. 


“I was pressed for time on episode 10, so I had to pass a number of really rough sketches over to the key animators.”

“For example: these frames had to be corrected so they’d convey the emotion we were going for.”


“The original plan for this cut was to draw Nico’s reaction in Kazuo Umezu’s style. But it’s been parodied so often and doesn’t really fit Kiznaiver’s aesthetic, so we ended up going with this instead.”


And, to celebrate the anime…


Original character designer Shirow Miwa (who had thesame role on Joker Game)


 From Mai Yoneyama, anime character designer, picking up posts of their episode art after a month off


Takuya Igarashi


Hiroyuki Imaishi


Kengo Saito (Kill La Kill’s first opening)

Eimi Tamura


Yuki Watanabe


Hiroki Arai


Anonymous Trigger staffers


Mini-theater manga author S.Kosugi


Milo Kono, who did the Wooser season 3 ending



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