“Kitaro,” “Yokai Watch” and Junji Featured in Free Halloween Manga Samplers

This Halloween, Americans can head down to their local (participating) comic shop for a manga treat. At Ocotber 31st’s Halloween Comicfest 2015, speciaty stores will be offering a selection of free comics that includes a sample of classic Birth of Kitaro from yokai manga legend Shigeru Mizuki and Drawn & Quarterly, along with modern master Junji Ito’s Fragments of Horror from Viz, who will also be presenting a Yo-kai Watch mini-comic bundle.




(W/A/CA) Shigeru Mizuki
Shigeru Mizuki’s The Birth of Kitaro tells the spooky origin story of the legendary mangaka’s most popular character. This preview is taken from the golden era of the late 1960s, when Kitaro truly hit its stride as an all-ages supernatural series. Mizuki’s Kitaro is both timelessly relevant and undeniably influential, inspiring a decades-long boom in stories about yokai, Japanese ghosts and monsters. This Halloween Special is the perfect introduction to the new all-ages Kitaro series coming in 2016 from D&Q!
Publisher: VIZ MEDIA LLC
(W/A/CA) Junji Ito
An old wooden mansion that turns on its inhabitants. A dissection class with a most unusual subject. A funeral where the dead are definitely not laid to rest. Ranging from the terrifying to the comedic, from the erotic to the loathsome, these stories showcase Junji Ito’s long-awaited return to the world of horror.
Rating: Teen+
(W/A/CA) Noriyuki Konishi
Nate Adams is just an average kid until the mysterious Whisper gives him a device that allows him to see what others cannot, Yo-kai of all shapes and forms! Now, armed with the Yo-kai Watch, Nate, Whisper and their new invisible friends embark on an all-new supernatural adventure!



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