“Kirara Fantasia” Smart Phone Game Opens Pre-Registration

Kirara Fantasia – a fantasy RPG smart phone game that includes characters from Manga Time Kirara comics such as SCHOOL-LIVE!NEW GAME!, and YUYUSHIKI – is opening for pre-registration in Japan, and a ton of new information about the project is now available.



First off, there’s a new key visual illustrated by Satoko Kiyuzuki (GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class). Several preview videos illustrating the game’s story and systems were also released, but unfortunately these videos are region-locked and not available outside of Japan.



Next, new characters were introduced, including:


  • Alsheeb: voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro, illustrated by Satoko Kiyuzuki.
  • Kuromon: illustrated by Satoko Kiyuzuki.
  • Sora: illustrated by Shōtarō Tokunō.
  • Claire: voiced by Azumi Waki, illustrated by Yui Hara.
  • Polka: voiced by Eriko Matsui, illustrated by Yoshitaka Ushiki.
  • Cork: voiced by Yūki Kuwahara, illustrated by Uro.
  • Kanna: voiced by Yōko Hikasa, illustrated by Shōtarō Tokunō.
  • And Raine: voiced by Ai Kayano, illustrated by Makoto Kawai.



In the game, players control original characters Kirara, Lamp, and Match as well as numerous guests from Manga Time Kirara comics in an epic fantasy quest to save the world. Kirara Fantasia features both a main scenario and character scenarios where players can raise their “friendship levels” with characters by enjoying “cute, everyday life” events.



Kirara Fantasia also contains town-building and room-customization elements. The different facilities constructed in town (such as a shopping center, a training station, and a summoning hall) have various useful in-game effects, while the “Kirara Room” can be decorated and populated with your favorite Manga Time Kirara characters.



Finally, the combat system is a turned-based “timeline battle” (similar to Final Fantasy X) in which you attempt to effectively chain the attacks of your characters and disrupt the attacks of your opponents. There’s also a “trump card” limit break system, where filling up a special gauge allows players to unleash devasting combat maneuvers.



Kirara Fantasia uses a basic free-to-play with in-game purchases distribution model. The game will be available for Android and iOS smart phones beginning later in 2017.




Official Kirara Fantasia home page 

Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.