Kino Journeys To Harajuku And Braves Killer Crepes For Collaboration Cafe

Harajuku’s Area-Q us a “Entertainment Collaboration Cafe” located on the the 7th floor of Q-Plaza Harajuku and while Kino is only supposed to stay in one play for three days, they’ll manage to be the Journey destination October 21-29. Along with a menu of food and drinks based on the Keiichi Sigsawa light novels and their new Lerche anime adaptation, there’s a package deal with desktop calendar and drink for 1,700yen (not one of the special drinks, offered with coaster).






Bonus desktop calendar




Kino’s Green Apple Soda – inspired by character’s visual motif – 7,000yen


Hermes beer cocktail – for adults who need some fuel – 800yen


Hermes Fuel Coke – same, but for the kids – 700yen



Shizu’s blue ginger – 700yen


Riku’s banana milk – 700yen



Te’s purple potato tapioca milk 700 yen 

Shisho’s lemon soda – 700yen


Aibou’s milk coffee – 700yen



“A Country Where People Can Kill Others” Crepes – 800yen


`Ugoku kuni’ × `tōsen bo no kuni’ no meiwaku rice-  800 yen 

Shiz’s favorite matcha Shiratama Zenzai – 700 yen


Te’s full stomach full strawberry parfait-  800 yen


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