“Kemono Friends” Collaboration Inspires Creation of New Friend


Sleeper-hit TV anime Kemono Friends continues to team up with zoos and botanical gardens in Japan, and the latest collaboration with Nagasaki Bio Park – a nature park that offers visitors hands-on experiences with various animals in a cage-free environment – has resulted in the creation of an entirely new Friend.



The new friend is Degu, an anthropomorphized version of the common degu, a rodent of the Octodon genus known for their fluffy fur and long, bristly tails. Nagasaki Bio Park plans to hold stamp rallies and other events featuring Degu and the other Friends of Japari Park.



In an interesting bit of synchronicity, Kana Motomiya – the voice of Fennec in Kemono Friends – actually keeps a degu named “Kisuke” as an animal companion. This inspired Kemono Friends illustrator / concept designer Mine Yoshizaki to create artwork of Degu and Fennec together.



Too – much – cuteness!


For more information about Nagasaki Bio Park, please check out their official English language home page here.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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