Kelly Sue DeConnick Was Once on A Men in Comics Panel!

Kelly Sue DeConnick is a force to be reckoned with, plain and simple. Portland-based with her husband, Matt Fraction, their two children, DeConnick is a writer and creator of all things awesome, including Bitch Planet, which she helms with artist/creator Valentine De Landro, and Pretty Deadly, with art by fellow creator Emma Rios.

Self-proclaimed “feminist,” DeConnick has issued the following advice to women entering the industry: “Be terrifying.”

While Kelly Sue now works in independent comics, she has a notable track record with Marvel titles like Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel, as well as DC titles, including Supergirl. DeConnick has also served as an editor of several Manga titles making their way into the States.

A few weeks back we sat down with DeConnick to discuss how she got her start in comics, her approach to writing, and her collaboration with her co-creators — but we also ended up talking about children’s birthday parties because OF COURSE WE DID.

(From here on out, we may refer to her as “Kelly Sue DeConnick – Writer, Editor, Events Clown”)

We love sitting down with incredible creators and we hope you love the conversations they let us put on the Internet! Enjoy this chat, and give a huge thanks to Kelly Sue for being so cool to hang with us!


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