Keiko Announces to Leave Kalafina, The Other Two Members will Continue Musical Activities

The official blog for three-member vocal unit Kalafina announced today on April 13 that one of its members, Keiko ended her contract with the unit’s managing agency Space Craft Produce for 10 years without troubles as of April 1 and that she is no longer a member of the unit. The blog also confirmed that the other two members, Wakana abd Hikaru will continue their musical activities at the agency.


Keiko writes, “Because there were so many people and staff who supported Kalafina for 10 years, we were able to act sincerely one step at a time, make our dream of performing at Budokan come true, and celebrate our tenth anniversary that had been our target. We were able to devote our energies to the music that we really wanted to pursue from our heart, thanks to everyone who have helped us. I walked through ‘the journey of music,’ believing in the power of music, crossing the oceans, and uniting so many smiles. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. Now I have ended

one journey. I am hoping to go more forward while keeping every steps that I walked with you in

my mind. I am sincerely thankful to everyone who supported me for 10 years as Kalafina. Thank

you so much.”



Kalafina started their activities as composer/producer Yuki Kajiura’s musical project in 2008, and has

released 21 singles and six full albums. Kajiura already left Space Craft Produce in February 2018, and

the agency followingly confirmed that one member of the unit would also leave by the end of March.





Source: Kalafina official blog