Keihan Densha Goes All-Out for Four-Month “Sound! Euphonium” Collaboration

Are you a fan of Sound! Euphonium? We’ve got some advice for you from now until May: take the train.



Keihan Railway, which appears in almost every episode of the series, is returning the favor with a four-month-long collaboration event that lets you take photos with the characters, win prizes, and travel on cars decorated with art from the shows.



To start, the railway is offering a special augmented reality app that will allow you to take selfies with characters from the series around Uji City. There will be four difference checkpoints around town, changing every thirty days. There will also be a special checkpoint by the standees in the stations.


Speaking of the standees in the stations…



There will be four standees that will change out throughout the four months. Not only that, but if you take a photo of yourself, upload it with their special app, and follow Twitter account @okeihan_net, you’ll be in the running to win one of three sets of all four standees rendered at 1/10 size. Winners will be announced after May 31.



Limited-edition clear files branded with collaboration art will also be available to purchase (with purchase of a rail ticket) at various stations along the line for a month at a time. Dates appear above each file.



And finally, some cars on the line will feature different character and art wrappings from the beginning of the campaign through late March. A schedule for the train run times is available on the site.


The Sound! Euphonium collaboration starts on January 21 and ends on May 21. To see what’s going on, follow the #とろうよユーフォニアム hashtag on Twitter.


Source: @pKjd




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