Kawaii Kon

Kawaii Kon is thrilled to announce Aniplex will be at the convention, along with Akane Fujita, the voice of Sagiri Izumi and Ryohei Takeshita, the director for Eromanga Sensei!

Akane Fujita has played a variety of roles in her young voice acting career. From the reserved and gentle IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Yukari Mizuno to the adorable operation specialist Megumi Uda in High School Fleet. Her latest role as the reclusive illustrator Sagiri Izumi in the popular series Eromanga Sensei has not only brought her new fans but it has also given her a chance to show off her skills as an animator.


Ryohei Takeshita is an animation director and screenwriter. Mr. Takeshita worked as a chief screen writer on the 2014 romantic comedy Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and in 2016 he took on the role of assistant director in the slice of life comedy New Game. In 2017 Mr. Takeshita made his directorial debut with the hit comedy series Eromanga Sensei.


Meet them both at Kawaii Kon 2018! Don’t miss your chance to meet Akanae Fujita, voice of Sagiri Izumi, and Ryohei Takeshita, the director for Eromanga Sensei USA at Kawaii Kon!