“KanColle” Fans Still Speculation On The Voice Of French Kanmusou

Through December 7th, original KanColle browser game is running fall event, Proclamation! Fleet Strategy Plan #3! It introduces four KanMusou with two new Japanese destroyer girls as drops and the second American ship, standard carrier Saratoga along with first French ship, Seaplane Tender Commandant Teste as rewards. While fans have figured out the voice actresses for the other three, the new friend from France is still a mystery. 

Maybe she’s another newcomer like Warspite.





Voice Actress: Shizuka Itou 

Artist: Shizuma Yoshinori





Seaplane Tender Commandant Teste

Artist: Akira

Voice actress: ????


Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer Yamakaze

Artist: Kujou Ichiso

Voice actress: Chinami Hashimoto


Destroyer Asakaze

Artist Parsley

Voice actress: Shizuka Ito


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