“Kamen Rider” Characters Promote Tokyo Traffic Safety Campaign


Toei’s latest tokusatsu team-up film, Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider: Ghost & Drive Super MOVIE Wars Genesis, hits Japanese theaters on December 12, 2015, and several characters from Kamen Rider appeared at a live-event in Tokyo to help promote traffic safety.



Kamen Rider Ghost, Kamen Rider Drive, and actress Rio Uchida (in character as Kiriko Shijima from Kamen Rider Drive) participated in the kick-off event for the “2016 New Year Lights On” campaign at the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on November 27, 2015.



The campaign encourages bicycle and motorcycle safety. Rio Uchida was granted the title of honorary captain for the day for the all-women Tokyo Metropolitan Police motorcycle division known as the Queen Stars. Uchida noted that although she plays a police officer on the Kamen Rider Drive TV show, this was her first opportunity to protect the peace of the city in real life.


Source: Animeanime.jp


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