Kadokawa Offers “Kemono Friends” Collaboration Yellow Bath Buckets

As the latest 9th episode of the Kemono Friends TV anime featured a hot spring-themed story, Kadokawa has decided to offer two collaboration “yuoke” (small bath bucket to hold hot water) using images of the two new characters in the episode, Gin Gitsune (Silver Fox) and Kita Kitsune (Ezo Red Fox), at the upcoming Anime Japan 2017 event (March 25 and 26) first. Then the items will be also available at selected online stores in late April. 


Back in 2013, Kadokawa launched “Okerororin Project,” a collaboration project between Mine Yoshizaki’s long-running popular comedy manga series Sgt.Frog/Keroro Gunsou and Naigai Yakuhin, a long-established pharmaceutical company based on Toyama Prefecture, releasing several yuoke featuring the main character. Since Yoshizaki has joined the Kemono Friends franchise as the character concept designer, this new collaboration has become realized quickly.



“Kemono Friends” yuoke Gin Gitsune (Silver Fox) version


“Kemono Friends” yuoke Kita Kitsune (Ezo Red Fox) version


Original character visual for Kita Kitsune and Gin Gitsune


“Sgt. Keroro” yuoke released in 2013


2013 PR video for the “Okerororin Project” 



Scenes from the 9th episodes “Snowy Mountrains Area”



Meanwhile, the latest April 2017 issue of Kadokawa’s PC game magazine Comptiq, released just today 

in Japan, comes with paper mask kits of the two main characters, Serval and Kaban.



 “Comptiq” April 2017 issue cover



 Source: Kadokawa press release 1,


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