Jim Shooter

Jim Shooter is a true legend in the comic book industry. Shooter has been a writer, artist, editor, and publisher for over fifty years! He is the former Editor-in-Chief for Marvel Comics and Valiant Comics. His writing credits include The AvengersSecret WarsSecret Wars IIAction ComicsAdventure ComicsLegion of Super-HeroesSuperboySuperman’s Pal: Jimmy OlsenDaredevilGhost RiderStar BrandWorld’s Finest ComicsHarbingerMagnus: Robot FighterSolar: Man of the Atom, and X-O Manowar.

Jim Shooter has created or co-created dozens of characters, including Archer & Armstrong, The Beyonder, Chemical King, Controllers, Emerald Empress, The Fatal Five, Ferro Lad, Graviton, Henry Peter Gyrich, Jocasta, Karate Kid, Laurel Kent, Mordru, Nemesis Kid, Paladin, The Parasite, Persuader Princess Projectra, Rond Vidar, Shadow Lass, Star Brand, Sun-Eater, Symbiote, Tharok, U-Foes, Universo, Validus, and The Wanderers. He came up with the original story for The Transformers and helped oversee the launch of G.I. Joe in the 1980s, contributing many of the major ideas and themes for the story.

Currently, Jim serves as Creative Director and Editor in Chief for Illustrated Media Group, which produces custom comics for promotion and advertising and has provided creative services to clients including Intel, the Mill Pond Group, Dark Horse and more.  Under the auspices of Illustrated Media, Jim writes a popular comics-related blog, www.jimshooter.com

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