Jazz up Your Fanart with the Official “Evangelion” Font

For people who have spent years trying to identify (and then to find) the striking episode title font used in Neon Genesis Evangelion, your search just got a lot easier. Fontworks, the original creators of the font, have announced that they will be making it available for sale on CD-ROM.



Officially titled “Matisse EB,” the TrueType font will be sold on a CD-ROM in a special package that includes a booklet on the history and influence of the font in anime. The whole deal will run you 4,600 yen.


Jazz up Your Fanart with the Official


Note, however, that this doesn’t include a commercial use license. The font is for private use only — cards and fanart, for example.


The font goes on sale starting November 10, and will be available to purchase from the Evangelion Store.


Source: Minna no Evangelion




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