Javier Rodriguez Brings Spider-Woman to Term

Like many of her fellow Marvel Universe denizens, Jessica Drew finds herself with All-New, All-Different set of circumstances after Secret Wars. Sure, she’s still a red, black, and yellow-clad private investigator, but now she’s battling justice for two.

SPIDER-WOMAN comes from the team of Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez who made the decision to make their lead with child. Of course, being a dyed in the wool hero, Jessica continues to do everything she can to help people along with her compatriots Ben Urich and Porcupine.

We talked with Rodriguez about changing Jessica’s hair style, tinkering with Ben and Porcupine, and fully drawing the pregnancy into the action.

Marvel.com: What challenges does Jessica’s pregnancy offer when composing some of the more action oriented scenes?

Javier Rodriguez: Jessica is a well-shaped and fit type of super heroine, so the only inconvenience I’m facing is how to bring her growing belly into the action, naturally. But it is not a great struggle apart from being accurate to the most typical Spider-Woman signature poses. On the other hand, it is a fantastic opportunity to explore a character in a way that is more than the typical pin-up poses that we are used to.

Marvel.com: Aside from the pregnancy-related ones, were there specific ways you wanted to change Jessica’s look post-Secret Wars?

Javier Rodriguez: Well, I changed Jessica’s haircut. Slightly! And you know what? Each time I finish a book I pick up something new, and it helps me develop more about the characters for the next one, what works and what doesn’t. So there are a lot of minimal changes that aren’t visible at first sight. I challenge you to go and find them!

Marvel.com: Porcupine and Ben Urich continue to help Jessica on her adventures. Were you looking to change their visuals for the new series at all?

Javier Rodriguez: It’s interesting, the first time that I drew Porcupine I didn’t know if we would see him again. To avoid nightmares later on the process, I tried to draw each character as visually rich as possible beforehand, but always working along the narrative pace and with what works the best to tell the story right.

Marvel.com: The second issue finds Jessica in an alien hospital. What was the process like for nailing down the look of that place and its various inhabitants?

Javier Rodriguez: The hospital has some kind of organic architecture but a little bit surrealistic, something that gives me room to play on issues #3 and #4, which have plenty of crazy action. Also the aliens: I thought that a colorful alien set would be a funnier experience for the readers and easy to make the story flow as smooth as possible.

Marvel.com: How has your collaborative relationship with Dennis evolved since you started working on this book?

Javier Rodriguez: We talk through e-mails and I know that I ask him so much, but Dennis is not only a brilliant writer, but is he also a charming person and so open to discuss any details. I feel so lucky.

Read SPIDER-WOMAN #1 from Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez now and pick up issue #2 on December 23!