Japanese Government Begins Visual Inspection of Illegally Uploaded Anime and Films

Yomiuri reported on Sunday that the Japanese Government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will begin monitoring the internet by a specialist to strengthen measures against illegally copied and uploaded anime and films from the beginning of this week. 


So far the Ministry has used computers that can detect illegally “pirated” videos automatically, but the number of the videos that slip through the check by processing a part of the images has been increased recently. So they need to double-check them by computers and human “eyes.”


One expert, who is well versed in anime and films and ways to find illegal videos, is assigned to the visual inspection work for the time being. He/She browses video streaming sites on the internet, and checks if there are any copyright violation videos by watching them one by one.


In cooperation with The Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), Japanese broadcasters

and film distribution companies are currently searching pirated videos by analyzing videos on the

internet with computers.



Source: Yomiuri