Japanese Audio Company Maxell Launches Campaign Featuring “Gintama” Collaboration

For older audio nerds, the Maxell brand is best known for being one of the go-to brands if you wanted decent blank tape for recording off of radio and making mixtapes. For the rest of you, they’re best known for the following ad campaign:


Now, in an effort to promote its latest line of “graphene” branded Hi-Res Audio compatible accessories, the company has requested the services of one Gintoki Sakata to promote the line of high-end earbuds in a new campaign.

Gintama Maxell campaign

The earbuds feature an internal diaphragm made out of graphene, which is claimed by Maxell to allow the earbuds to reproduce the extended frequency range used in Hi-Res audio files while allowing the earbuds to retain their miniscule shape. Whether the harder than diamond material really allows for such quality is dependent on whether you take the claim at face value.

 Graphene in-ear headphones

Beginning on May 19th and going until August 20th, those who purchase the above earbuds will receive exclusive Gintama x graphene campaign illustrations and 101 people that participate in the companion Twitter campaign will have the opportunity to win additional accessories, such as headphone stands and additional products. More information and samples of the illustrations will be available when the campaign officially launches on May 19th in Japan. If you haven’t taken the plunge on Gintama yet, go watch it, it rules.

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