Invincible #141 Discussion Post

INVINCIBLE #141 is out this week and we’re not done crying over it, are you?! I mean, if you are, you’re clearly just a little heartless. We forgive you though. Everyone grieves in their own way. And like with most of “The End of All Things,” the only way we’re gonna get through all this is together.

You guys know the drill by now, pick up the comic, read it, cry, read it again, cry some more, then come back here and let us know what you thought. How are you coping with this loss? What decision will Mark ultimately make? What the *&!% is gonna happen in the Robot War? Compile your thoughts in a comment below and we’ll reward out favorite response with an awesome INVINCIBLE prize pack! We’ve only got 3 issue left!!

Previously: Thragg has done the unthinkable, again, and pushed Mark to his breaking point. Wait… there’s FOUR more issues after this one? How?!

This Month: Things take a dark turn as we near the end.


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