“Inazma Delivery” Invades Space Shower TV in December


Bushiroad and Kanaban Graphics are teaming up to produce Inazma Delivery, a surreal short-form TV anime that will broadcast on the Space Shower TV music network as part of the Tutorial no Tuku Dane Fuku Kitaru music information program.



Inazma Delivery is set in the town of Babiden City, where everything runs on electricity. Hemingway is an earnest young man who works at the delivery company Inazma, which promises to deliver any package to its proper destination. One day, an extraterrestrial lost child in a shark costume named Bytheway appears and asks to be delivered to its home planet, and soon Hemingway and Bytheway are embroiled in all sorts of adventures.



Inazma Delivery will run for 10 episodes, with each episode being approximately 2 minutes in length. Inazma Delivery airs on Space Shower TV as part of the Tutorial no Tuku Dane Fuku Kitaru TV program, which broadcasts every Friday during the 22:00 time slot. The series premiered on December 09, 2016.



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