Ig Guara Draws Together a Trio of Wolverines

Laura has her work cut out for her as Civil War II infiltrates ALL-NEW WOLVERINE with issue #10. Regular writer Tom Taylor teams with artist Ig Guara to usher Laura, Gabby, and Old Man Logan into the crossover conflict.

Though he’s new to ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, Guara sports a firm grasp on what makes these characters tick on the visual side of things to supplement Taylor’s script. Together they will test Laura’s convictions as she tries to figure out which side of the debate she falls on while also contending with a pesky prophecy that puts her pals at risk.

We talked with Guara about the weight Laura carries, the pressures of drawing crossover characters like Captain America, and how he approaches each of the book’s leads.

Marvel.com: The series currently features three different takes on the Wolverine prototype. How do they carry themselves differently in your mind?

Ig Guara: The big difference here is about innocence. Though all three [have] had some really bad experiences, I think they handle it differently. Gabby has been saved by Laura. [She has] trust in other people and is happy to have a family. Laura knows she can count only on herself. I try to show how strong she is and how awkward it is for her to have so many people around. Old Man Logan on the other hand knows he can’t trust anyone—especially himself—so he carries this big load. That is the reason he always looks tired and crushed.

Marvel.com: In addition to the series’ leads ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #10 also brings in some of the Civil War II principals. Did any of them offer unexpected challenges?

Ig Guara:
Drawing Captain America is always a challenge. He is an icon who must look strong, but also reachable. He is a soldier and a mentor. Sometimes it’s hard to make that come through, but I am trying my best!

Marvel.com: When I talked to Tom about Laura entering the Civil War II fray he said that she understands that she’s filling very big shoes by taking on the Wolverine mantle. Does that come through in how you portray her on the page?

Ig Guara:
I think she feels proud and reluctant at the same time. She knows the importance of the Wolverine and also the fear it inspires, but I think she is also her own woman. She is really strong minded so she knows she can wear the mantle and name well.

Marvel.com: This story also revolves around a prophecy and looks at the future. How do you differentiate those from the present?

Ig Guara:
Outside of the outfits and faces I try to make the panels of the future all the same format. Also, the colors give them a nice distinct pallet.

Marvel.com: How has your working relationship with Tom been so far?

Ig Guara: Tom is amazing. I have [not] been so thrilled to work on a story in some time. He knows and respects these characters and his portrait of Laura is amazing. I love the dialog and how the tone of the story changes, without being forced, from light to heavy, from dark to light. I’m really loving it!

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE slashes into Civil War II with issue #10 by Tom Taylor and Ig Guara on July 20!