Ichinomiya Mayor Receives Threatening Emails Over “Pokémon Go” Regulatory Attempts

As a result of the incident, the driver, Nobusuke Kawai, was arrested by the Aichi Prefectural Police Department. To prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, the Aichi police and the mayor of Icinomiya, Nakano Masayasu, contacted Pokémon Go developer Niantic Inc. with the request that the app be updated to be disabled while players are driving, and to prevent Pokémon from appearing in roads.


Members of the public aren’t too happy about local governments attempts to curtail their Pokémon Go experience though. According to officials, the mayor has received emails stating, “Abandon the request”, “it would be good to see the city hall in flames,” and suggesting that Nobusake, “Watch out if you’re on the road at night.” Officials have stated that the mayor has received 10 or more threats from multiple email addresses.


Aichi police will continue to investigate the emails. They have stated they will make arrests on the charge of “forcible obstruction of government business,” to any citizens caught sending threatening emails.


[via otakomu.jp]


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