Home of “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Crowdfunds Citywide Tribute to Aqours


Civic pride is a major part of modern anime, and the love Numazu has for Love Live! Sunshine!! exemplifies that. Their “Numazu Treasure Project” has already successfully crowdfunded a series of tourists spots devoted to the girls of Aqours.


Specifically… they’ve made manhole covers.



The nine metal covers, each featuring a full-color chibi rendition of one of the school idols, will be placed at nine notable spots arond Numazu. The covers will be donated directly to the city, which means they will remain there for as long as Numazu sees fit.


Additionally, there will be a crossover with AR app Butai Meguri, which collaborates with anime series to promote tourism. When the manhole covers are installed, visitors to Numazu will be able to see the girls of Aqours in various important spots from the series.



The crowdfunding campaign has flown past its goal, and is currently 136% funded with 24 days to go.


>> Numazu Treasure Project Website

>> Watch Love Live! Sunshine!! on Crunchyroll

Source: Otakomu.jp




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