HOBBY STOCK Unveils Limited Edition “Dragon Ball” Ukiyo-e Prints

As part of its continuing Ukiyo-e Art series, HOBBY STOCK is releasing a limited run of 200 Ukiyo-e prints featuring artwork inspired by Akira Toriyama’s manga and TV anime, Dragon Ball. The prints depict young Son Goku perched atop the wish-granting dragon, Shenlong.



Each print is 37 centimeters (14.6 inches) long by 23.5 centimeters (9.3 inches) wide. The materials used are washi paper and colored inks. Since each color of ink requires a separate printing pass, each print is made using 50 passes and 23 different carved woodblocks. The woodblocks were carved by Shoichi Kitamura, while Ichifusado Ichimura handled the printing.



The “Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Ukiyo-e Art” prints will be available for pre-order beginning July 02, 2016, with the final product to be shipped in August of 2016. The prints sell for 45,000 yen (about $440 US) plus tax. The prints will also be on display at Anime Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, from July 01 – 04, 2016.



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