Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, Konomi Kohara Voice The Leads in TV Anime “Asobi Asobase”

The official website for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Rin Suzukawa’s comedy manga Asobi Asobase (Play and Let Play) today announced its three main voice cast: Hina Kino (Hanako Honda), Rika Nagae (Olivia), and Konomi Kohara (Kasumi Nomura), along with its main staff members including director Seiji Kishi (Assassination Classroom). It is also confirmed that the Lerche-animated series is set to premiere in Japan in July 2018.


Main Voice Cast:

 Hanako Honda: Hina Kino (Sayaka Itomi in Katana Maidens ~ Toji No Miko)

 Olivia: Rika Nagae (Baselard in Frame Arms Girl)

 Kasumi Nomura: Konomi Kohara (Kukuri in Mahoujin Guru Guru)


Main Staff:

 Director: Seiji Kishi (Hamatora, Assassination Classroom)

 Series Composition: Yuko Kakihara (Aikatsu Friends!, School Babysitters)

 Character Designer: Keiko Kurosawa (Hamatora, Konohana Kitan)

 Assistant Director: Yu Kinome


 Editing: Morita Editing Room

 Sound Director: Satoli Iida

 Music: Masato Kouda (Monster Hunter series, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!)

 Animation Producer: Yuji Higa

 Anime Production: Lerche (Classroom of the Elite, Hakumei and Mikochi



The anime visual posters below are now displayed at Rinkai Line’s Kokusai-tenjijo Station, the nearest

station to Tokyo Big Sight, where the Anime Japan 2018 event will be held this weekend.




The manga has been serialized in Hakusensha’s Young Animal since 2015 and five tankobon volumes

are now available in Japan. The story is set in “Asobinin Kenkyukai” (The Society for Game Players)

formed by three female junior high students. Olivia has blond hair, but she can’t speak English at all

because she was born and raised in Japan. Kasumi with glasses and short hair looks serious and intelligent,

but she is also no good at English. And Hanako with pigtails hair is bright, but can’t be a “riajyu” (a person

satisfied with one’s private life).



Manga tankobon 1st and 5th volume covers


Source: TV anime “Asobi Asobase” official website, Twitter


©Rin Suzukawa, Hakusensha/”Asobi Asobase” Production Committee