“Himitsu – The Top Secret” Live-Action Film Announces Additional Cast


Crunchyroll previously reported on how Reiko Shimizu’s psychological science fiction manga, Himitsu – Top Secret –, is being adapted into a live-action film with direction by Keishi Ohtomo. Now new information regarding additional cast members is available. The new line-up includes:


  • Tori Matsuzaka as Katsuhiro Suzuki, the best friend of series protagonist Tsuyoshi Maki.
  • Lily Franky as Junichiro Saito, a psychiatrist (a movie-original character). 
  • Kippei Shiina as Koichi Tsuyuguchi, a man condemned for murdering his family.
  • Koji Ookura as Takashi Imai, an investigator with a calm demeanor.
  • Haruka Kinami as Nanako Amachi, an investigator with a talent for lip-reading.
  • And Yusuke Hirayama as Yasufumi Okabe, deputy-director of the 9th Forensics Laboratory.




Previously announced cast members include Toma Ikuta as series protagonist Tsuyoshi Maki, Masaki Okada as rookie investigator Ikko Aoki, Chiaki Kuriyama as medical examiner Yukio Miyoshi, and Nao Omori as detective Shunsuke Manabe (a movie-original character).


Himitsu – The Top Secret involves a near-future setting in the year 2060 AD where neural scanning technology allows investigators of the National Research Institute of Police Science’s 9th Forensics Laboratory to read the memories of people (living or dead) in order to solve crimes. The film hits Japanese theateres in August of 2016.






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