Hikaru Nakamura’s “Saint Young Men” Manga Gets Live-Action Drama

The January 2017 issue of Kodansha’s Morning Two monthly magazine released today in Japan confirmed a live-action TV drama adaptation of Hikaru Nakamura’s slice of life comedy manga series Saint Oniisan/Saint Young Men is in the works. More details will be revealed in the magazine’s next issue to be released on December 22 in which the manga will cerebrate its 100th episode. Who do you want to play Jesus and Buddha? 


The manga featuring Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha who are living in an apartment in the modern day Tokyo has been serialized in the magazine since 2007, and now 13 tankobon volumes are available. Previously two OAD episodes were bundled with the special editions of the 8th (December 2012) and 9th tankobon (August 2013), and a 90-minute anime feature film was released in May 2013. All of them were animated by A-1 Pictures.




Morning Two January 2017 issue cover


Tankobon 1st and 13th volume covers



Source: “Saint Young Men” official Twitter via: Comic Natalie


© Hikaru Nakamura/Kodansha