HIDIVE To Stream Mecha Anime “Xabungle”

Anime streaming service HIDIVE has announced plans to present Xabungle in the US and Canada. Starting Tuesday, August 15, 2017, HIDIVE members will be able to stream new episodes of Xabungle every Tuesday at 12pm CDT. The 1982 mecha anime was directed by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino at Sunrise. 


They describe the series

“On the planet Zora, there are two societies: the Innocent and the Civilians. Jiron Amos seeks revenge against the outlaw who killed his parents, but in a world where Civilian crimes are forgiven if they’re not brought to justice within three days, there’s little he can do. Taking his revenge into his own hands, Jiron steals the mecha Xabungle and teams up with a group of bandits, the Sandrats. As his quest continues, Jiron’s actions sow the seeds of rebellion against the Innocent.”




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