Hideo Ishikawa Joins BL Manga-Based Anime Film “Doukyusei”

The official website for the upcoming anime film adaptation of Asumiko Nakamura’s BL manga Doukyusei (classmates) has updated with a new main visual, also announcing that 45-year-old voice actor Hideo Ishikawa, best known as Itachi Uchiha in Naruto, is cast as 35-year-old gay teacher Manabu Hara who secretly falls in love with one of the two protagonists, Licht Sajo. The A-1 Pictures-produced film will open in Japan on February 20, 2016.








Also as reported, a special exhibition for the birthday of Licht Sajo is held at the Animate Shinjuku store from

today, October 25. The film’s offcial Twitter has started posting photos from the event.














The original series of the love story manga was serialized in Akaneshinsha’s BL anthology magazine

OPERA from its July 2006 to July 2007 issue, then one volume tankobon was published in February 2008.

It has now two sequels and two spin-offs. The story follows relationship between two high school second

graders, Licht Sajo (CV:Kenji Nojima) who is an honour student wearing glasses, and Hikaru Kusakabe

(Hiroshi Kamiya) who is playing in a rock band. The anime film adaptation is produced by A-1 Pictures,

with Shouko Nakamura (Mawaru Penguindrum chief director) directing. 



Teaser visual for the anime film



Manga tankobon cover



Source: “Doukyusei” anime official website 


© Asumiko Nakamura/Akaneshinsha, Aniplex

© Asumiko Nakamura/Akaneshinsha